The Bosch IoT Suite is a comprehensive toolbox in the cloud provided as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

This flexible IoT platform bases on open standards and open source, leveraging different Eclipse IoT projects – many initiated and actively driven by Bosch Software Innovations. The Bosch IoT Suite consists of various cloud-enabled services and software packages that enable the fast, easy, and secure development of sustainable applications in the Internet of Things. It thereby serves as the platform on which Bosch and its customers can build a broad range of solutions and projects.

The Bosch IoT Suite is available as a package of fully managed, shared services in the Bosch IoT Cloud and on Amazon Web Services. The device management capabilities of the Bosch IoT Suite (the Bosch IoT Remote Manager) are also available on other clouds such as Microsoft Azure and SAP Leonardo, and they can be installed on-premise as well.

Scope of the Bosch IoT Suite

Using the Bosch IoT Suite services, developers can quickly build, implement, and operate cloud-based and highly scalable IoT applications. The Bosch IoT Suite provides core functionality for the most common IoT scenarios:

  • reliably managing devices, machines, and gateways
  • providing secure access management
  • executing software rollout processes
  • connecting third-party systems and services
  • and analyzing data.


Devices can be directly connected to the cloud via the Bosch IoT Hub and the Bosch IoT Remote Manager. The Bosch IoT Suite’s connectivity layer abstracts the communication protocols of the devices. It processes both telemetry ingestion and command and control messages, and it includes security aspects like authentication and authorization as well.

Bosch IoT Hub

Bosch IoT Hub

Easy and secure device connectivity for the IoT
Beta available on Amazon Web Services

Bosch IoT Gateway Software

OSGi-based gateway middleware stack
Bosch IoT Gateway Software

Alternatively, the Bosch IoT Gateway Software supports indirect connection of devices via gateways (i.e., for data privacy reasons and many other user cases). This software is fully hardware independent and runs on Bosch gateways but also on third-party devices.

Digital twin

Bosch IoT Things enables the creation of an abstract representation of a real-world asset/device (any “thing”) in the cloud. This so-called digital twin comprises all the capabilities and aspects a physical thing provides. It works like a mirror that keeps the real and digital worlds in sync. Furthermore, the digital twin layer handles relationships between assets, e.g., through topologies.

Bosch IoT Things

Bosch IoT Things

  • Manage data of things
  • Manage relations between things through topologies
  • Represent and use the functionality of things and events triggered by Things
  • Fine grained access control via policies
  • Fine grained subscription for data and lifecycle changes
Available on Bosch IoT Cloud Available on Amazon Web Services

Bosch IoT Remote Manager

  • Device and gateway lifecycle management
  • Remote device configuration and control
  • Remote configuration & provisioning
  • Remote monitoring & diagnostics
Available on Bosch IoT Cloud Available on Amazon Web Services Available on SAP Cloud Platform Available on Microsoft Azure Also running on Huawei Cloud
Bosch IoT Remote Manager

Device management

The Bosch IoT Remote Manager is responsible for device configuration, monitoring, and remote maintenance. It handles both directly connected devices as well as devices connected through a gateway. All operations are intended for mass management.

Software management

Bosch IoT Rollouts provides functionality to reliably provision and update software on IoT gateways and devices. It manages software modules/components and artifacts for complex, large-scale scenarios including rollout campaigns.
Bosch IoT Rollouts

Bosch IoT Rollouts

  • Reliable and scalable software & firmware provisioning
  • Large scale roullout/campaign management
  • Reporting, audit logging and monitoring
Available on Bosch IoT Cloud Available on Amazon Web Services Available on IBM Cloud Catalog

Bosch IoT Insights

The easy way to manage your IoT device data

Available on Bosch IoT Cloud
Bosch IoT Insights

IoT data management

Bosch IoT Insights is a fully managed cloud service that collects, processes, and stores your IoT data for further analysis. IoT data management provides the basis to optimize devices and functions and to develop new services and solutions.

Data analytics

Bosch IoT Analytics provides a service family that greatly simplifies the analysis and use of field data. In contrast to the conventional, more project-oriented analytics approach, these ready-to-use cloud services offer a cost-efficient way to address recurring analytics functions.
Bosch IoT Analytics

Bosch IoT Analytics

Monitor your devices with smart algorithms

Available on Bosch IoT Cloud Available on Amazon Web Services

Bosch IoT Permissions

Authorization management for IoT applications

Available on Bosch IoT Cloud Coming soon on Amazon Web Services
Bosch IoT Analytics

User and permissions management

Bosch IoT Permissions enables the independent management of users, groups, roles, applications, and tenants – including authentication and authorization.