What is this service all about?

The Bosch IoT Remote Manager provides a backend device management and monitoring system for various classes of gateways and devices. It is based on the ProSyst technology and comes with all of the features that are also available in the on-premise ProSyst mPRM remote device management and software provisioning system product and enables the following use cases:

  • Platform, application and service life cycle management (remote install, update, uninstall, configure – on the fly)
  • Firmware and file update
  • Remote configuration and provisioning
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics (life status checks, logging, monitoring, etc.)
  • Remote security administration
The Bosch IoT Remote Manager supports the most common industry standards for remote device management, such as TR-069 and OMA DM, so any IoT gateways based on these protocols can be easily connected and managed. This proven technology is already used in many commercial product deployments in smart home, manufacturing, connected car, and eHealth.
Bosch IoT Remote Manager provides the basis for end-to-end IoT solutions.

Off-the-shelf remote device management

  • Enables users to see the status and control the state of connected devices.
  • Supports OSGi, TR-069- / TR-157- and OMA-DM-enabled devices.
  • Provides TR-069 ACS (Auto Configuration Server) functionality used e.g. by telecommunication providers.
  • Open for implementation of additional management protocols, business logic extensions and user interfaces.
  • Provides remote access for apps and application servers to gateways and devices.
  • Integrates with existing management systems openly and easily via an extensive set of APIs: Java, OSGi, web services (REST).

Advanced gateway, device, and software management

  • Mass management operations offer a means for executing a set of commands over single or multiple (possibly all) devices registered in the Bosch IoT Remote Manager, e.g. software deployment, changing configuration settings, etc.
  • A software repository provides an inventory of device software and configuration settings.Stand-alone and web-based administration interfaces gives system operators an interactive and convenient way to:
    • monitor devices
    • pply configuration changes
    • schedule and track mass software deployment / upgrade operations
    • get notifications for system and device malfunctions
  • End-to-end security provides user authentication and authorization, network communication, certificate management, secure transport.

How can I make use of Bosch IoT Remote Manager?

Bosch IoT Remote Manager is available as a fully managed, shared service in the Bosch IoT Cloud and
on Amazon Web Services.
In addition, the Bosch IoT Remote Manager is also running on Microsoft Azure, SAP Leonardo and Huawei Cloud.

Service plans at a glance

Bosch IoT Remote Manager provides progressive service plans. Any additional capacity is granted in a usage-based pricing model.

Free Starter Premium Self Managed
Monthly Subscription $0.00 $25.00 Contact us Contact us
Gateway Management
Device Management
Management Console (UI)
Rule Engine
History Data Max. 5,000 samples Max. 100,000 samples Unlimited Unlimited
Dedicated Instance - -
Number of Devices/Gateways Max. 3 Max. 20 TBD TBD
Custom Backend Components - - With support of service team
Software Repository
Remote Access
Remote Management Protocols
Custom Protocol - -
Authentication Mechanisms
Basic Authentication
Certificate Based Gateway Authentication
Custom Authentication - -
Included Capacity
Device data updates 10,000 500,000 50,000,000 Unlimited
Dedicated Server Instances (1GB RAM each) Shared Shared 3 Unlimited
Additional capacity with a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ pricing - Not supported -
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