What is this service all about?

Bosch IoT Things enables applications to manage digital twins of their IoT device assets in a simple, convenient, robust, and secure way. Applications can store and update the data, properties, and relationships of your domain's assets and get notified of all relevant changes.
"The Bosch digital twin solution appears to be the most advanced and, more importantly, the most accessible to developers. If you are interested in exploring the concepts of digital twins, I would definitely start here."
Ian Skerrett, IoT Consultant
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Bosch IoT Things allows all connected devices – such as tools, cars, sensors, and other web-enabled things – to be integrated into cloud services or other applications and to interact with each other. Specifically, that means that applications, other cloud services, and devices can manage their asset data and share it across IoT solutions. What is more, IoT solutions can store the data for further analysis, remotely request the change of properties for physical devices, and describe relationships of your domain’s IoT assets in a simple, convenient, robust, and secure manner.
Connect your assets with your device integration layer and bring them to a business level.

Manage and organize digital twins of your things

Register, read, and update your things using our lean yet powerful HTTP API or Java client. The Java client supports the asynchronous and non-blocking programming paradigm. The REST-like HTTP API uses a sophisticated fine-grained resource layout that allows you to address every single part of your thing. Bosch IoT Things also allows you to easily organize your things by describing topologies with links to things based on your solution-specific semantics.

Search and find your things

Find your things by their dynamic properties (e.g. measured values) or static attributes. The service maintains a powerful search index for this and provides a flexible and straightforward way to describe filters and the pattern for presenting the results by API.
With every request, you can specify which parts of the things you are actually interested in, and thus dramatically limit the amount of data to be transferred as a result. This speeds up applications that need to handle a huge number of things.

Communicate with your things

Our service not only supports your solution to manage the data of your things, but enables you to securely communicate with your things or even the physical devices that a thing might represent. Each thing is able to send messages to other things or applications and vice versa. The messages are routed and can transport any domain-specific data. The range can vary from a simple value to configure a device, on through to complex data structures, or data series for more detailled process steps.
Solutions can subscribe to messages and data changes or to defined life cycle events for your things. Bosch IoT Things leverages the permissions you defined at the thing when routing the messages to subscribers.

How can I make use of Bosch IoT Things?

Bosch IoT Things is available as a fully managed, shared service.

Service plans at a glance

Bosch IoT Things provides progressive service plans. Any additional capacity is granted in a usage-based pricing model.

Free Starter Standard
Monthly Subscription $0.00 $155.00 $1,450.00
Things: Manage digital twins for your IoT assets
Features: Structure the features of your things
Search: Find every thing
Messages: Talk with your things
Subscriptions: Listen to things
Dashboard: Get started and stay organized
Policies: Apply fine-grained access control for users, roles, groups, and applications
Topologies: Link your things
Included transactions (API-calls/messages) per month 100,000 500,000 10,000,000
Included managed data volume 0.5 MB 1 MB 50 MB
Additional capacity with a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ pricing - -
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