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Getting Started with the Bosch IoT Suite

Are you ready to start developing and connect devices to the Bosch IoT Suite? Get started in three simple steps.


Create you Bosch IoT Suite account

First, you’ll need to create your Bosch IoT Suite account using you Bosch ID. This will allow you to subscribe to Bosch IoT Services. Don’t have a Bosch ID yet? Create your Bosch account here.


Subscribe to Bosch IoT Things and Bosch IoT Hub

After account creation, you can continue by subscribing to Bosch IoT Things and Bosch IoT Hub. Learn the steps to subscribe to a service here.


Start developing

Now you are ready to connect your “Hello World” device with Bosch IoT Hub and Bosch IoT Things. Follow these steps in order to implement a simple telemetry ingestion use case. Have fun!